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Tortoise Paging gives you the freedom and convenience to keep in touch with your family...friends...anybody...no matter where you are. Some Messages are too important to miss or leave on an answering machine.  With a Tortoise Pager, you can get away from your phone without missing a single message.  So now you're free to do what you want when you want.
For as little as $10 a month; it's affordable. You can receive unlimited pages - with no hidden costs. One flat monthly rate covers the High Mojave Desert.  The $10 monthly rate is the standard local rate, and includes our unique PageSaver feature so you never miss a message - even without your pager.  The flat monthly rate includes local unlimited pages.  And there's no contract to sign
Motorola quality pagers in stock. Latest Motorola models in your color choice.  
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Tortoise Paging is simple to use because you get your own individual paging telephone number that greets your callers with messaging instructions. When your family members or friends need to reach you, they simply call your personal pager number and your Tortoise Pager signals the message. It's that simple!
You have several paging options to choose from...including California coverage and parts of Nevada & Arizona. You can select simple numeric paging that leaves phone number messages.  Or you can choose voicemail or alphanumeric paging.  You can also select options including a custom greeting and extra paging zones.

It's as little as
  dollars a month!